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DW Private Investigations

Specializing in judgment recovery and personal finance products

  •      I am in fact a licensed, insured, and bonded private investigator in the state of Colorado and as such I try to specialize in unpaid financial rewards (judgments) . I worked for 20 years in the US Air Force as a financial manager ending my career both working for the Inspector General and HQ Space Command along with academic training in the lean six sigma process (finding the root cause of any issues and developing more efficient and effective processes) ultimately earning a Masters degree in I/O Psychology. Any questions, just ask on my contact page.

     In order to monetize my website I offer products via links to help you save money, stave off debt, and even buy cool stuff. I have even included Health, Life, and Dental insurance, pet Health Savings Account, gig economy jobs and  Finally, I offer sites to buy coins as a form of investment, and three debit card sites as alternatives to credit; these all IRA's.

Gig economy ways to earn money:

Uber Eats:

Deliver food


Earn for surveys


Earn for tasks


Auction Platform

New Plan Options Health Insurance

Great Start Life Insurance, grows with your child

Delta Dental Insurance

Pet HSA Acount


Stash Invest

Savings, Checking, and IRA


Checking, IRA, and Savings


Checking, donations, and Savings

Bullion Investments, and yes these have IRAs

Bullion Shark

Great selection of certified coins.

GMR Gold Bullion Boxes

Honest, Trustworthy, and Transparent Advice About

Buying, Selling, and Trading Precious Metals

Golden Eagle Coins

Rhodium represents a solid choice for those diversifying into other precious metals. Golden Eagle Coins offers Rhodium bars in One Ounce & Five Ounce sizes. To buy rhodium online simply lock in the price at any time as you would any other precious metals product. Rhodium spot price was as high as 10K per ounce as recently as 2008 and represents a great play in the metals market. Each bar comes in a tamper-resistant certificate card with unique serial number from the Baird Mint.

Coin Supply Express

Thousands of Coin Collecting Supplies

Store, Protect, and Enjoy Your Collection